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Customer support

For problems about installation, game issues or other similar questions, first try to use our FAQ. If you can't find your issue there, please get in touch with support: www.gamersgate.com/support

To inquire about products and services found at GamersGate.com or GamersGate.co.uk, contact us using this form, and we will gladly assist you according to our privacy policy. 

Questions regarding Payment problems can be sent to GamersGate support, however , it is often better to contact payment services, since orders at Gamersgate are handled by them. For inquiries regarding payments, please provide us with the payment method and describe the problem in as much details as possible.


Public Relations

For PR-related inquiries, please contact pr(at)gamersgate.com.

Are you an editor, and need a press account? Please contact pr(at)gamersgate.com and provide us with following information:

  1. Name:

  2. E-mail:

  3. Site/Magazine:

  4. Main genre:

  5. Your title (e.g. journalist/editor):

  6. Address:

Please also provide the following where applicable:

  1. Site views per month:

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Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate partner of GamersGate - please sign up to be a Publisher on Commission Junction!



Distribution - For Publishers & Developers

Do you wish to see your titles as part of the world’s biggest catalogue of games?

Email us at publisher (at) gamersgate (dot) com with details on your titles.

When submitting your game(s), please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Title

  • Short information about the game

  • Screenshots (URLS)

  • Video (ULRS)*

  • Genre

  • Price*

  • Release Date*

  • Name of Game Studio/Developer/Company

*If available/possible



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